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Below are some local area links with information on the city, borough, neighborhood and local attractions including schools and much more. If you have local links to suggest to us please contact us so that we can add them to our site. We appreciate your help in trying to provide the most current and useful information we can provide.

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Search for local school information for the area.




Inwood UpstART

A unique new addition to the Inwood neighborhood. Featuring hand made gifts, crafts and artwork - much of it from local artists and crafts people. A great place to find a special gift for your loved ones or for yourself!

Food & Dining

Darling Coffee

Exceptional coffee drinks and baked goods in an inviting space that can be a community meeting place for all that live, work and enjoy the neighborhood.

Inwood CSA

Organic Food co-op

Inwood Farmers Market

Saturdays- year round

Inwood Local

Wine bar and beer garden

La Estufa

A Delicious Fusion of American and Italian Cuisine

Villa Patron

Mexican Restaurant

Sports & Recreation

New York Mets

Official web page of the Mets

New York Yankees

Web page for World Champion NY Yankees

NY Knicks

NY Knicks web page

Community Services

Washington Heights-Inwood Coalition

The Washington Heights Inwood Coalition was established in 1978 by religious, educational, and business institutions refecting the diversity of northern Manhattan.

Arts & Entertainment

Moose Hall Theatre Company

Free Professional theatre and music in Northern Manhattan Parks

Up Theater

THE MISSION OF UP THEATER COMPANY is to present fully produced, professional theater to its community in Northern Manhattan, employing many local artists who call this corner of the city home. Despite our parochial concerns, UP is no community theater. We eschew crowd pleasing chestnuts in favor of new work that challenges our audiences preconceived notions of who they are and what they think they think; work that is relevant to our Uptown urban environment and unafraid to be gritty, rambunctious and irreverent. Ultimately, we envision a theater that will be a destination for theatergoers from all across the area, drawn by work of quality and passion.



How to get there in the city.

Liberty Lines

Express Bus service to midtown Manhattan

Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA)

Public Transportation Info


Manhattan Times

Uptown Manhattan's Newspaper

Hospitals & Medical

Pets & Animals

Dogs of Isham Park

Community group dedicated to securing Isham Park as a safe area for pets and their people

Furry Fiends

The go to pet store in Inwood ,Washington heights area. Furry Fiends offers the best pet supplies, services, and expertise to help you care for your best companion. All natural and holistic pet food and supplies. Free delivery offered at costumer's convenience.


Inwood Dogs & Their People

Religion & Spirituality

Local Weather

Local Weather

View local weather information for the area.

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